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Online Meetings

Cloud Financial Planning is a progressive financial planning firm that thinks outside the boundaries to offer clients greater flexibility in meeting with us. Apart from the traditional means of communication via face to face appointments, we also offer advice through online meeting technology. This technology creates a personable meeting experience as though your adviser is sitting right next to you!

Imagine having the flexibility of meeting with an adviser in the comfort of your own home, workplace or while you were out travelling the world. This flexibility means you don't need to spend your time looking for a car park or organising a baby sitter, in an attempt to meet with an adviser at a time which may not suit you. It means your children can stay at home and play with their toys or you can meet with us on your lunch break and enjoy the benefits of a personable financial planning meeting.

Having the convenience to meet with you at almost anywhere in the world means there is no longer a need to see your local financial planner simply because they are "local". Our personal financial plans have been well received by many with the added confidence that all investments we recommend are owned directly by you. We understand that some may be skeptical about receiving financial advice from an online provider which is why we offer face to face meetings at our head office in Highton - Geelong and Ballarat.

Cloud Financial Planning